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A word from Mike....

Hi you all,

I'm sharing a you tube video at the end from pickleball channel. It pertains to a couple of the new rules. You may already know about them but for those who don't, cheers.  you can subscribe to the channel for free and get videos on a regular basis, it's pretty cool.


Also, as you know I have been setting up for those who are not in one of the small 4-5 person groups, who have their own net. I have been doing that through a scheduling app (Book Here) While we were in the purple tier I was only allowed to set up for singles, now that we are in the red tier doubles is allowed. So if you would like to schedule singles or doubles check out the app. The same guidelines will hold for doubles as were for singles,: each server have their own ball and teams will stay the same through out the time of play.


Please remember there is STILL no open or drop in play at Enterprise courts.  Also those with your own nets thanks for keeping the groups or pods small to 4-5 people. Safe, Safe, Safe.. Well, Well, Well.. Mike

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Taking down the Swiftnet

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Interested in learning more about the game of Pickleball or how to take your game to the next level? Check out some tips from the pros. 


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In deciding if the ball hit the line or not remember these tips:

The team on whose side the ball lands makes the call.

Don't replay the point if no one is sure.


Game on!