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Thanks to all

Hi all, 

We in the Redding Pickleball community are very fortunate. We have 6 wonderful new courts with permanent nets. They are beautiful and even though they have only been open since May 10th 2021, they are getting well used. We are even getting new players on a regular basis, and that is why we are here, to grow pickleball. We also still have the overflow area to set up portable nets if needed. Yes, we in Redding are fortunate. 


Many of us who have worked over the past 3-4 years are happy to see all our hard work has paid off. Those who worked each year to have a successful and profitable tournament, those who worked and donated to the very successful Vine and Dine, those who organized and supported the monthly dine out fund raisers and the local eateries that supported us, those who put on special fundraising events and all those who gave regular donations to the court donation bucket. We Thank You!


Also, when it comes to the building project itself, we cannot say enough thanks to the contractors who did a fantastic job number one but also many were very generous with their time so the project could get done. We Thank You!


Lastly, to the City of Redding, Redding Parks and Recreation Department, Redding Parks and Tails Foundation and all our generous community sponsors.. A Huge Thank You!


The Redding Pickleball Group is dedicated to playing and promoting the game of Pickleball to benefit players of all ages and walks of life. We encourage and support good sportsmanship, healthy competition, camaraderie, health, social fitness and fun for all.



Pickleball is a paddle sport played with a ball similar to a wiffle ball, a solid paddle and a net. It combines elements of badminton, tennis and ping pong.  A pickleball court is 20’ X 44’ or about 1/3 size of a doubles tennis court.



The courts at Enterprise Park are open Monday - Sunday, from dusk to dawn.

Most people show up in the mornings for open and pick up play. There are some people who play in the afternoons, after they get off work (depending on the weather). Because the courts are open all day, you can always get a group together to play at other times throughout the day.


At some popular times the courts may be full, so in those times we ask groups play a game and then rotate off, so everyone gets time on the court. The time in-between wait times are normally quite short, just enough time to get a drink.


If it gets too crowded and folks are not interested in waiting for the rotation process, we do have the overflow courts on which portable nets can be set up.


Please have fun and think of all people involved, Keep yourself and other safe. Thanks

For additional Pickleball Locations visit or




Mike Archibald - Ambassador

Redding  - USA Pickleball

Tel: 530 638-6945

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